Create Custom Links

You can use attributes to detect and display links. See the following example:

"quick-link": {
    "regex": ">([\\w\\-.]+)",
    "matchPosition": 1,
    "urlPosition": 1,
    "type": "noteLink",
    "prefix": "noteplan://x-callback-url/openNote?noteTitle="

This will detect text prefixed with > and create a clickable link, like >mynote. You need to define the ”type” as ”noteLink” so that NotePlan turns the text into a link.

A link has a URL. You can define which part of the matched string will be used as a URL using the regex group position urlPosition. In this case ”urlPosition”: 1 is used.

The ”prefix” will prepend any string before the URL. In this case, we are using an X-Callback-Url, so the link can be opened inside NotePlan: "noteplan://x-callback-url/openNote?noteTitle=". You can also use any web address. The final URL of >mynote for example would be:


In this case, NotePlan would attempt to open a note with the title “mynote”. Learn more about X-Callback-Urls here.

Open Search with Regular Expressions

Following will kick off in-app searches on a delimited /search phrase/, for example for /meetings/ will open the search view in NotePlan and search for the text “meetings” in all your notes:

"note-search-link":  {
    "regex": "/(\\S[^/]*\\S)/",
    "matchPosition": 1,
    "urlPosition": 1,
    "type": "link",
    "prefix": "noteplan://x-callback-url/search?text="

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