How to add links to websites?

There are multiple ways you can add links (to websites or x-callback-urls) to a note. If you want to add a link to another note, see here. If you want to add a link to a heading inside a note, see here.

NotePlan supports Markdown links and raw links. A Markdown link is constructed as follows: [title](URL]. You can type it out manually, but there are shortcuts and other features making it easier to create a Markdown link.

1. Copy & Paste the Link

You can copy the link directly from the browser for example and paste it inside NotePlan. With default settings, NotePlan will try to fetch the title of the link and paste it as a markdown link automatically (Mac & iOS).

If it couldn't fetch the title (if the internet is too slow or the website doesn't support titles), it will paste the raw link.

You can turn this on/off in the preferences:

2. Use CMD+K To Paste the Link Over Existing Text

You can write the name of the link before you copy it into the note, then select the text and use CMD+K to paste the URL. NotePlan will convert the text to a link using the selected text as the title.

On iPhone, you can use the link button in the toolbar to achieve the same effect.