Set or select a folder for a note using templates

Normally, when you create a new note from a template (using the np.Templating plugin) you still need to sort the note into a folder. Want to create a note from a template automatically in a specific folder? Or select the folder while you create the note? Here's how:

  1. First, make sure you have installed the plugin "np.Templating".
  2. Then open your template and add to the frontmatter "folder: <select>" or use the name of the specific folder like "folder: Checklists":
  3. Run (means type and hit enter) the command "/np:new" from the command bar (open it with CMD+J or tap on iOS on the magnifier glass bottom right). 
  4. The plugin will ask you which template you want to use. Select your template and then it should ask you for the folder and the title of the note.

See it here in action: