Insert templates into existing notes

You can fill empty notes with templates using the "Insert Template" button, but how do you insert a template into an existing note? 

Use the core plugin "Templating"

For this purpose, you can download or use the "Templating" plugin. If it's not available yet, download (or update) it. In future versions (from v3.6), this plugin will be automatically pre-installed.

Install/Update on Mac

Open the preferences, then navigate to "Plugins" and find the plugin after the list has been updated (you will need an internet connection):

Install/Update on iOS

Open the command bar by tapping on the magnifying glass icon bottom right. Then type "/install plugin". A list of plugins will be loaded and you can select the "Templating" plugin:

Insert Template on Mac

Then you can insert a template using the slash command "/np:insert" either directly into the note or by using the (CMD+J) command bar:

Insert Template on iOS

On iOS you can insert a template the exact same way as on Mac: Either type "/np:insert" into the note or open the command bar and then type "/np:insert".

You don't have to type the exact name of the command. It will search the list of available commands and you can select the correct one. In this example "/insert template" was used to search for it.