Quick Tips

This article is a growing list of bite-sized quick tips of small "hidden" features you can use to get things done faster with NotePlan.

Quick list of recently edited notes

If you open the command bar ( ⌘J on Mac and 🔍 icon on iOS) and don’t type anything in, you see all your notes sorted by modification date. 

So the most recently changed notes are at the top for quick access. No search is needed and no sidebar folder browsing.

Not typing anything into the command bar shows all recently edited notes

Type dates as words and use auto-complete

If you want to schedule something sometime in the future, like to review some strategy or project, type:
* Review >in2months

Then select the auto-complete option. This and more natural language terms are supported.

Jump to today

Use the shortcut to ⌘T to jump to today's note from anywhere on Mac and iPad.