How to restore syncing of a shared note?

A shared note might stop being shared and won't sync anymore with your collaborators. This can happen if you move the note while NotePlan is not running (in Finder or using another app). 

In this case, NotePlan can't securely map the old and new locations of the note. In the background, NotePlan deletes the note at the old location and creates a new one in the new location. This breaks the sharing.

How do you know a note is not shared anymore? 

The share icon at the top will disappear:

How to restore the shared sync?

If you accepted this note from another person, you can restore syncing by returning to the link that has been shared with you and clicking on the same link again. The shared note will be automatically added to the root folder in the sidebar. Now you can delete the unshared duplicate.

If you are the owner of the note, you have to share the note again and send the link to your collaborators.