Add file attachments and images to notes

NotePlan can embed images and file attachments into your notes and keep them synced between devices. It will create a local copy to do this saved on your device and synced using iCloud Drive or CloudKit (by Apple).

Here are the various ways how you can add an image or file attachment:

1. Drag & Drop

Open any folder on your Mac and start dragging. Then drop it inside a note and select "embed file". On iPhone, you can also drag items from other apps into NotePlan by switching to NotePlan while dragging the file. On iPad you can also open multiple windows and start dragging (like files from the Files app).

On iPhone:

2. + Button Menu

An alternative is to click on the + button left of a line (appears when you hover over it). Then select "Add file" or "Add image". 

There's also a menubar entry with a shortcut:

On is you also find buttons to insert images and file attachments in the toolbar.

3. Copy & Paste

You can also copy the file or image from your folder on Mac and iOS and paste it into the note.