How to schedule tasks

Use this for example if you couldn’t finish a task on a given day or if you need to remind yourself to check in on something again. Alternatively, if you keep action lists in the regular notes, you can schedule action points from there into the calendar.

When you schedule a task, you can either let NotePlan copy it to the next day or attach a date link ( >YYYY-MM-DD). If you are scheduling by copying, the original task is marked with  [>], like in * [>] Todo. NotePlan detects this mark and displays it with a blue dot in the calendar. If the day is in the past, these tasks are not counted towards the number of open tasks.

You can select multiple lines of texts (and todos) to schedule more than one. If you select a title like  ## Hobby, then this will be also copied along with the selected Todos. If there are some tasks, which are already marked as done, scheduled, or canceled they will be ignored and not copied.

Schedule Tasks on Mac

Select one or more Todos, then hover the left side of the note and click on the clock icon to open the schedule menu. Or you can hit Shift + ⌘ + D to open it. Then select the date and done.

Schedule Tasks on iOS

Select one or more tasks either using the normal text selection, when the keyboard is opened or while the keyboard is closed you can press & hold a line of text until a blue box appears. Now release the press and select the clock icon in the toolbar, which appears at the bottom. 

If you want to select multiple lines with this method, you can press & hold the first line until the blue box appears, then release your finger and tap on the last line. It will select all the lines in between too:

Schedule by Linking

You can also schedule a task just by attaching a date tag ( >YYYY-MM-DD): * my task >2022-01-22 

This task will appear in the reference area at the top of the date's note.

Schedule by Drag & Drop

Instead of linking or copying the task, you can also drag & drop it on Mac by dragging the drag icon on the left which appears upon hovering the task and dropping it on a calendar date. Pressing CMD while dragging will link the task, pressing OPT will make a copy and if you press nothing, it will be cut & pasted.