How to switch from AppStore to Setapp?

If you have used the AppStore version and now want to switch to Setapp, you can do this simply by running the Setapp version (download NotePlan from Setapp). It should automatically detect your Setapp subscription.

Your Notes

On Mac, if you are syncing with CloudKit, the Setapp version will take a few seconds to download all your notes again. This is because the local folder, where all your notes are saved, differs from the AppStore version. Be patient and stay calm. You might not see your notes displayed in NotePlan for a few seconds (while they are being downloaded).

If you are syncing with iCloud Drive, your notes should be available right away. The folder doesn't change in this case.

Your Preferences

Preferences won't be automatically synced. At least not all of them. If you have changed anything, you need to set it up using the Setapp version again

Activate NotePlan on iOS with Setapp

In order to run NotePlan on iOS using your Setapp subscription, you need to add your iOS device to your subscription for an additional Setapp fee. After this, you can activate NotePlan on iOS