Where are my notes saved?


If you are syncing with CloudKit or not syncing at all, your notes are saved in a local system folder under "Library" on Mac. Due to Sandboxing restrictions (security feature by Apple), the folder is not as easy to find as using iCloud Drive. However, there are multiple ways you can open it.

1. "Show in Finder"

The easiest way to find a note in Finder is to open it first in NotePlan (if you choose a daily note, make sure it has some content), click top right on the "..." menu icon, and then on "Show in Finder":

2. Preferences (Sync)

Alternatively, open the preferences, click on "Sync", expand the CloudKit "Advanced" options and click on "Open Local Database Folder":

3. "Go to" Path Directly

You can also copy & paste the following direct path into Finder -> "Go" -> "Go to folder...".

Direct path for the AppStore version:  ~/Library/Containers/co.noteplan.NotePlan3/Data/Library/Application Support/co.noteplan.NotePlan3

Direct path for the Setapp version:  ~/Library/Containers/co.noteplan.NotePlan-setapp/Data/Library/Application\ Support/co.noteplan.NotePlan-setapp

CloudKit on iOS

On iOS, you can find your notes by opening the "Files" app. Then navigate to "On my iPhone/iPad" and click on the "NotePlan" folder. If you can't see the folder, restart your device.

Note: If you delete NotePlan on iOS, it will also delete this local folder. After reinstalling it will re-download your notes from CloudKit.

iCloud Drive

If you are syncing with iCloud Drive, your notes are saved as files directly in an iCloud Drive folder called "NotePlan".

iCloud Drive on iOS

Open the "Files" app and navigate to "iCloud Drive". There should be a "NotePlan" folder.