How to force sync?

Forcing NotePlan to sync "right now" because useful in situations where you want to troubleshoot sync problems. Or, if for some reason your sync stopped or is not frequent enough. Also, you might want to make sure the latest change is synced before you close your device.

Using iCloud Drive Sync

Apple doesn't provide a way to force sync iCloud Drive by code, but you can still trigger manually with the following actions.

On Mac

You can force iCloud Drive to sync by opening your iCloud Drive folder using Finder. Or click the top right of a note on the menu button, then on "Show in Finder". This will tell iCloud Drive it should sync now.

On iOS

Open the Files app ("Dateien" in German) and navigate to your iCloud Drive folder. This should trigger the sync.

Using CloudKit Sync

If you are using CloudKit (default), a force sync is not available and not needed, because it automatically syncs as soon as possible.