How to migrate (import notes) to NotePlan?

NotePlan saves your notes as plain-text Markdown files by default in  .txt format, so that you can open it in any app, such as TextEdit.

This means you can import notes from other applications as Markdown files by copying them into NotePlan's database folder. Read this to learn how you can open NotePlan's folder in Finder.

Roam Research, Bear, Obsidian and other apps are able to export your notes as Markdown files. If possible, select in the export that you want notes to be referenced by the title or first line of the note.

If you are importing non-calendar notes, it doesn't matter which file extension they have. However, if you want to import your daily notes as well, they either need to have  .txt file extension or you need to change NotePlans default file extension in the preferences under "Files". Additionally, you have to format your daily notes to  YYYYMMDD.txt  to make them compatible with NotePlan.

Instead of opening NotePlan's folder, you can also click on "Import Notes..." in the menubar and select your markdown files.

Migration Tools

Some apps don‘t save your notes as Markdown files or don‘t have a Markdown export option. But you can use tools which do the conversion for you, some might require you to use the terminal:

How to export from Notion

In order to export notes from notion and to import it in NotePlan, you need to select what group you would like to export and click 3 dots in the upper right corner of the window. After click on Export button.

Choose Markdown and CSV format, select Everything and include subpages. Click export

New popup windows will appear asking where to save your notes. After your notes are saved, unzip them and import in Noteplan using the instructions above.