How to set your personal OpenAI API Key?

NotePlan uses OpenAI for some features such as transcribing voice input and to manipulate existing text with a custom prompt. Each call to OpenAI's services has a small cost. If too many users use these services too often, costs could add up and we might need to rate limit the access. 

To avoid running into rate limits you can create your personal OpenAI account and use your API key instead. 

Create an OpenAI API Key

1. Go to and sign up (see top right) to create an account.

You should have a free trial for up to $5 of usage. To keep using it beyond that, make sure to setup a paid account:

2. Click on your profile top right > "View API Keys"

4. Click on "Create new secret key", call it "NotePlan" and copy it.

Name the key:

Copy the key:

5. Copy & paste the key into NotePlan.