How to create and fund your personal OpenAI API Key?

NotePlan uses OpenAI for some features such as transcribing voice input and to manipulate existing text with a custom prompt or transcribing images like handwritten. Each call to OpenAI's services has a small cost. Therefore we rate limit free AI calls (included in the subscription) to a monthly quota.

You can create your OpenAI account and use your API key instead to avoid running into rate limits. 

Create an OpenAI API Key

1. Go to and sign up (see top right) to create an account. To see the login button, you need to hover your mouse cursor above the navigation:

2. Before you can use an API key, you need to fund your account. OpenAI operates with a prepaid system now. Click on the settings button top right in the navigation. 

3. Click in the left sidebar on "Billing" and find the "Add to credit balance" button in the center of the screen, after adding your payment details.

4. Once you have funded your account, go back to the dashboard (see top button right). Then click on "API Keys" in the left sidebar.

5. Find the "Create new secret key" top right.

6. Type in the name, set permissions to "All" and create the key clicking on "Create secret key":

7. Make sure to copy the key immediately and store it somewhere safe in case you lose it (you can always delete and re-create new.

8. Copy & paste the key into NotePlan.

On iOS you'll find "AI Responses" in the preferences under "General", tap on "Manage". On macOS, follow this guide.