I lost some folders/notes, how to restore them?

If you still have your calendar notes and most other notes and folders, but one or more specific folders with notes in them or specific notes are gone, see the following checklist below on how to restore them. You can find the general location of your notes here.

If you have lost all your notes, check the steps in this article.

1. You have named it starting with "."

Files that begin with a period ("."), are hidden in Finder and in NotePlan. So if you name a folder or note beginning with a ".", it will disappear from NotePlan's sidebar and from Finder.

You can reveal the hidden files in Finder by hitting the shortcut Command + Shift + . (full stop/period). Then remove the period at the start of the filename by renaming it. After this, it should reappear in NotePlan as well. 

You might need to reset caches. On Mac, find a "Reset Caches" button in the menubar under "Help" and on iOS scroll to the bottom of NotePlan's preferences to find the button.

2. Restore recently deleted files

If you have accidentally deleted all your files, you can restore them in two different ways:

A) Use "Recently Deleted..."
On Mac, find this option under "File" and on iOS in NotePlan's preferences under the section "Files".

B) Check your Trash folder
NotePlan has an internal Trash folder and you can check your Mac's Trash folder as well. NotePlan moves deleted files there first before deleting them forever.

3. Restore from iCloud

If you are using iCloud for syncing, you can log into iCloud.com, navigate to "iCloud Drive" and hit "Recently Deleted..." in the bottom right of the screen.

4. Sync method switched without copying files

If you have switched the sync method from CloudKit to iCloud Drive or vice versa but haven't copied over your notes, you won't see them in NotePlan anymore. 

Switching from iCloud Drive to CloudKit, NotePlan normally asks you if it should copy them automatically. If you missed that or you switched from CloudKit to iCloud Drive, you can simply copy them manually. See here how to find your notes folder.