How to bulk edit tags?

Bulk editing tags are unfortunately not available yet. But here is the feature request, make sure to vote it up: Then you will be notified when there is progress.

Find below a workaround you can use to change tags in bulk. Make sure to make a backup in case something goes wrong. You can potentially change things here which are not easy to revert. 

Right now the workaround is to use a coding text editor like Sublime to search all files and change a tag. Download Sublime here. You can use it for free for this one quick change. Alternatively, you can use Atom or many other coding editors.

1. Activate "Find in Files..."

In the menu bar under “Find”, click on “Find in Files…”, which enables the find bar at the bottom to search in multiple files.

2. Drag NotePlan's folder into Sublime

Open NotePlan's folder using the "Show in Finder" option when you click on the note menu top right in an opened note. Then drag the folder "co.noteplan.NotePlan3". If you are using iCloud Drive, then drag the "NotePlan" folder in iCloud Drive.

3. Enter old tag, a new tag, and replace

Make sure you see the NotePlan folder top left in the left sidebar.

  • Enter the tag you want to replace into the "Find:" field.
  • Enter the new tag you want to replace it with into the "Replace:" field 
  • Hit "Replace" if you are confident, otherwise hit "Find" first.

4. Save changes

Sublime doesn't save the changed tags automatically, so you need to go through each opened file and hit CMD+S (after checking if it did the right thing). Or hit "File" -> "Save All" in the menubar.