I can't restore my purchase

If you subscribed to NotePlan on one device, but can't restore your subscription anymore, try the following steps:

  • Check if you are logged in to iOS or macOS with the same Apple ID you have used initially to purchase NotePlan. Search "Apple ID" in the spotlight or open it through the system preferences. Apple sends you purchase receipts to your Apple ID email address. You can check if this is the same email address you find under the "Apple ID" system preferences. On iOS, you just need to open the preferences app and you see your account information at the top.
  • Check if you are logged into the AppStore with the right Apple ID, which you have used to purchase NotePlan. You can log in with a different Apple ID into the AppStore. Make sure you are logged in with the right account by opening the AppStore and opening your account information (click on the user profile image).
  • If you are using (or have used) a beta version of NotePlan and suddenly can't restore your purchase anymore, try opening the AppStore and log out (don't log in again). 
    • On Mac, use the menubar and click on "Store", then "Sign out".
    • On iOS open the AppStore app, then tap on your Account image and scroll down completely (beyond the list of recently updated apps, which can get very long), then tap on "Sign out".

    • Then restart NotePlan, open the preferences, and click on "License". Then try to restore again. You might be asked for your Apple ID.
  • If everything else failed, try to reboot your device, then attempt restoring again.
  • Send us your UserID, so we can troubleshoot your purchases.
  • Check if you are using a tool "hblock" which blocks NotePlan from contacting the license server.
  • Make sure you really purchased a subscription and didn't cancel it. You can check your emails for Apple's receipts or open the AppStore app, click on your account image > "View Information", scroll down to "Manage" and click on the "Manage" button right of "Subscriptions". You should have an "Active" NotePlan subscription listed.