How does the NotePlan 2 discount work?

If you purchased NotePlan 2, you get an extended free trial:

  • 6 months if you purchased NotePlan 2 within the last 6 months,
  • else 3 months.

Before you can redeem your discount...

You have to open NotePlan 2 updated and licensed once before NotePlan 3 can detect your previous purchase. 
  • If you purchased NotePlan 2 through the AppStore (Mac or iOS), just re-download (or update) and run it once. Make sure that it's unlocked and doesn’t show a “Buy Now” button.
  • If you have purchased the Mac version through the website, download it again (if you don’t have the most recent version anymore) and enter your license if it’s not unlocked.
You can redeem your discount immediately after successfully subscribing to any plan or any time later. The first step is to subscribe, then NotePlan will check for a version 2 license and present you an offer in the next window. If you don’t get an offer for a discount, please make sure you have opened NotePlan 2 (updated and licensed) once or reach out for support ( 
You can also redeem your discount from your NotePlan Preferences → License Details (see buttons at the bottom).

How your discount works

You won't get charged until the end of your trial unless you cancel before and you should receive two confirmation emails from Apple. One for the subscription and one for the discount. If you received these emails and you didn't cancel the subscription, you are safe.
The “License Details” in NotePlan’s preferences and the subscription screen in your App Store account information will display only the first expiration period for the regular free trial (2-4 weeks). When this is expired, it will display the extended free trial (your discount, 3-6 months). This process is a bit confusing, but this is how the discount works with AppStore. 
You effectively get a 1-month free (regular) trial before the subscription starts + 3-6 months after the subscription starts. These two periods are unfortunately not merged. If you cancel within the first free month, you won't receive the extra free months. Because you effectively canceled before the subscription even started along with the first 3-6 free months.
During the first month, the communication by Apple will be confusing. You will be warned that your trial expires soon and that you will be charged. These are automated emails by Apple. Like mentioned earlier, the two trial periods are not merged into one. So the regular warning emails go out. The AppStore can only process and display one trial period after the other.