How sync conflicts are detected

NotePlan tries to keep your files in sync by downloading changes to notes from the cloud database as soon as possible. However, when you have a bad internet connection, the download might be delayed and you could end up having a stale version of a note temporarily. 

If you change a stale note before NotePlan had a chance to download the updated version, there will be two conflicting versions. NotePlan will warn you and give you a chance to select a version:

While you see this dialog, you can copy & paste the text somewhere safe in case merging the two notes is more complicated. Otherwise, just select a version by clicking on "Choose This". Click on "1/2" on the right to switch between the version.

Under the hood, NotePlan checks first if there is an update in the cloud before the stale and locally changed note is being uploaded. If it finds something with a file modification date newer than what is cached locally, it will trigger the warning. Essential for this mechanism is the file modification dates. Don't change them manually or by running a script or similar. They are essential to keep things in sync. Additionally, a hidden .cache file is saved in each major folder (Calendar, Notes, Themes,...) which saves the latest download/upload state.