AppStore purchase keeps failing?

If you get errors around purchasing or activating your devices, try the following points or purchase here: Monthly / Annual.

  • Reboot your devices.
  • Log out of the AppStore app (and log back in when you see the dialog while purchasing or activating NotePlan).
  • Check if your payment method is valid and allowed to make subscription purchases.
  • Check your internet connection, is nothing is blocking NotePlan from contacting Apple's servers, like a firewall, ad-blockers, or apps like Little Snitch, etc.? 
  • On iOS check, if you are on a mobile network and your internet connection is not restricted. On try again when you are on wifi.
  • Sometimes there are problems on Apple's side, in this case, try in 24h again.

SSL Error

If you see an SSL error in the error dialog after attempting to purchase, you need to add a DNS server into your TCP settings. Follow these steps

  1. Open System Preferences > Network
  2. Select "Wi-Fi" on the left
  3. Click on «Advanced» in the bottom right
  4. The network preferences for your Wi-Fi should open
  5. Click on «DNS»
  6. On the left, add the two DNS servers and
  7. Click on «OK» and then (in the Network preferences) click on «Apply» in the bottom right. Now the changes should be active.
  8. In NotePlan you can now hit «Restore» or purchase.