Deleting Your Account

NotePlan stores data only on your devices and on iCloud (on CloudKit mostly, unless you are using the web version without Apple ID or if you are using teamspaces). Your note files and information are private to your devices and iCloud. 

If you have been Syncing Using CloudKit

If you have been syncing your information using CloudKit, you can remove that data from iCloud using NotePlan's settings pages. 

1. In the NotePlan menu, go to Settings... and select "Sync". 

2. Underneath the "Use Cloudkit" button, select "Advanced"

3. Delete Local and Cloud Database

If you have been Syncing Using iCloud Drive

If you have been using iCloud Drive as your method of syncing your devices, again remove all your local files. In this case, simply go to the iCloud Drive foider where your files are stored and delete the folder. 

You can find the iCloud Drive folder by opening Finder, go to iCloud Drive and search for NotePlan's folder.

Finally, Unsubscribe from the Newsletter

If you no longer want to receive the NotePlan newsletter, go to the most recent issue of the Newsletter you received and check the link for how to unsubscribe.