How to switch from Setapp to AppStore?

1. Back up your data

You need to back up your data only on Mac because the Setapp version uses a different folder than the AppStore version. On iOS it uses the same folder.

2. Install the AppStore version

On Mac: Delete the Setapp version of NotePlan and download NotePlan from the AppStore.
On iOS: You are already using the AppStore version. If you don't use it yet, click on this link using an iOS device.

3. Restore your notes (optional)

Once you run the App Store version it should automatically download all your notes, so this step is optional. If it doesn't do this for some reason or it takes a long time, you can speed up this process by restoring the backup you made. Here's how:

Run the AppStore version on your Mac once, and open the sync folder. Once you have the location in Finder, you can close NotePlan and paste your backup here.

Replace any folders which are already existing in this folder. You will need to overwrite or paste the following folders:

2. Disconnect your devices

Open and log in to Setapp's device manager and disconnect all devices.

3. Cancel Setapp.

Cancel it inside your Setapp account.

4. Subscribe to the AppStore version

You can subscribe from within the iOS or macOS app. The subscription screen should appear automatically once you have disconnected your devices and in the case of Mac when you are using the AppStore version.