How to import notes from Craft

NotePlan supports Markdown and your notes are saved locally on your devices. However, other apps like Craft export the notes in slightly different formats, which must be corrected. Here's how you can export your notes from Craft and import them into NotePlan (available from v3.7.1):

1. Export as Markdown from Craft

First, open Craft and select "All Documents" in the left sidebar:

This will select your regular notes and your calendar notes within Craft. 

Then use export your notes using File > Export > as Markdown using the menubar:

Finally, save the exported notes to some folder:

2. Import into NotePlan

Open NotePlan and select in the menubar File > Import Notes... > from Craft (Markdown).

It will open a dialog with short instructions and after clicking on "OK", you can select the previously exported folder "Exported Documents".

This will import your calendar notes (renaming them correctly and dropping the first line which is always the date of that calendar note) and regular notes. Also, your assets folder will be renamed correctly.