How to publish a note on the web (to share it with others)

You can publish any note on the web and share it with other people by sending them the weblink. The note is read-only and the recipient just needs a web browser (such as Safari or Chrome) to open it.

Note: Publishing currently works only if you are using CloudKit to sync. This is because we are using Apple's CloudKit database to store and serve the data. We are not sending your note content to our servers.

To publish a note (on Mac or iOS), click on the share icon top right of the currently opened note and click on "Publish Note":

After publishing the note, click on "Copy Public Link" and paste it into your browser, the note should be loaded:

How to unpublish a note?

A note automatically gets unpublished if you 

  • rename the note filename, 
  • rename the folder in which the note exists,
  • move the note to another folder,
  • or when you delete the note.

If you just rename the title of the note inside the editor, it stays published.

You can manually unpublish a note by unchecking the checkbox in the note menu:

Unpublish all notes in the advanced sync preferences: